Fritz Albert Popp – Biophotons in Information transfer within the body

The phenomenon of how information is transmitted within living systems was extensively studied by the bio-physicist Fritz Albert Popp. He discovered that photons may provide the vehicle for which information was transmitted.

It was my pleasure to meet this pineering scientist last year at his laboratory in Germany – read more about his amazing research :


2 thoughts on “Fritz Albert Popp – Biophotons in Information transfer within the body

  1. Biophotons – probably one of the most groundbreaking discoveries of the 20th century. The highly ordered (Coherent) photons of light found in all living organisms are extremely Coherent in foods grown in the wild which are twice as Coherent as organically grown foods and 10 times that of conventionally grown foods. Foods grown in their most natural state contain the highest Coherency of all foods and contribute that Coherency to the consumer. Having access to freshly picked produce is of prime importance – either growing it yourself, frequenting a u-pick farm or joining a CSA (community supported agriculture). The sooner foods are consumed after harvest the higher the Coherency. A diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs is the simplest and easiest way for us to begin the process of healing ourselves and our planet as well as strengthening our bond with the Creator.

  2. Quantum Alice!
    I have been researching a lot on Biophotonics. I am developing a story on it. I have been trying to find contact info on Albert Popp, email, but I have yet to find it online.

    Do you know if I can write to him or email him?

    Oh, I enjoyed your writing and links šŸ™‚

    Michael Beall

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