Great article covering the holographic principle on

As the Human Body Field is composed of intersecting fields causing interferences patterns – this may also be thought of in terms of a hologram also. Read an abstract here or go to the website for more details and video..

Do you ever get those days when you question reality? One scientist has gone a step further; he is currently building an experiment that will hopefully answer whether or not we all exist as a result of a universal hologram.

Confused? You’re not alone. The holographic universe hypothesis is steeped in complex mathematics and descriptions that belong in hard science fiction novels.

As discussed by my Discovery News colleague Jennifer Ouellette in March, Fermilab particle physicist Craig Hogan renewed interest in the holographic universe concept after investigating the noise measured by a gravitational wave detector called GEO600 in Germany.

Before we can understand what this “noise” is (let alone why the Universe could be a hologram), we need to understand how gravitational wave detectors work



  1. The Fractal Hierarchy in the Universe of Atoms, Stars, and Galaxies, could project Fractal Holographic Galaxies along direction aligned black hole jets over vast distances like in galaxy M87. NASA and ESA say that Quasars, AGN black holes, Blazars, Radio Galaxies,, Active, Seyferts…are all produced by the same phenomena dependent on the observer viewing along a direction aligned with the AGN and the dusty gas torus cone viewing angle.WHIM filaments were discovered that align with a black hole across millions of light years where many galaxy clusters are connected along the flat sculpture wall of galaxies. Much as a holographic card displays different images, so All galaxies could be produced by the same phenomena in a Holographic Universe. Please view my Holographic Galaxy Unified Model blog at

  2. Thorne’s membrane hypothesis paved the way for the holographic quantum principle of gravity. Scientists at Caltech and Cornell have found that tendex and vortex lines DESCRIBE gravitational forces caused by warped space-time, and are ANALOGOUS to the EM field lines. Vortex lines describe the twisting of space, and tendex lines describe the stretching of space. They state that the ocean tides on earth rise because of tendex field lines that extend from the moon to the earth. This means that we were wrongly taught that gravity causes the ocean tides to rise. In fact, I doubt that gravity is anything more then an observable phenomena, and is in fact the same force as Electro-Magnetism. Why? Well, these universities are collaborating with scientists who preach the big-bang gravity theory of the universe. They obviously must not want peer rejection from the widely touted cosmologists of the big-bang. They state that space plus time is Electric “tidal gravity” & Magnetic “inertial frame dragging vortex lines.” This means that EM forces describe and are analogous to Gravity ! The “tidal gravity” that pulls on earth’s oceans, is in fact an EM force. So why believe in phony invented hypothetical postulated inferred missing gravity dark matter particles, to explain why galaxy shapes are spiral, and not round? Gravity is a neutral force, and plasma outer space is not at all neutral, but is filled with relativistic moving charged ions. The story is at

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