Paul, Sarah, Sam holding their NES miHealth

Team up! First gathering of the NES Health miHealth Missions team.

At NES health we are upping our game when in comes to helping ourselves and others. A group of us at NES HQ are undertaking miHealth missions with an aim to be the change we want to see in the world.

Our head of research Sarah Turner is pioneering the miHealth missions so I’ll leave it to her to explain.

Over to you Sarah…

In November this year I am going to Madagascar to work for a charity in the local community there. Madagascar is a poor country with lots of issues – health, conservation and education. I am going out there to volunteer on one of the programmes. I will be staying in a tent and working with other volunteers on community and conservation projects. It is a well organised charity that has won awards for its work, see

In order to raise the profile of the charity and to raise some funds for the very important work that they do, I’ll will be walking up Mount Snowden on 24th September with Paul Capper, NES Software Developer and Sam
Tucker, NES Marketing as well as friend Brett Moran of Matrix Mind.

We plan to conquer Mount Snowden armed with our NES miHealths, ready to come to the rescue of haltering hikers, weary walkers and exhausted mountaineers! As some of the many functions of the NES miHealth include increased athletic performance, recovery of muscle fatigue and pain reduction.

Watch this space for our miHealth Missions diary and how we prepare for the climb. If you wish to make a donation to this fabulous cause, please go to


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