by Dr Rainer Viehweger

Quantum physics has shown us that in the

quantum realm probabilities and potentials

are the most common factor of creating reality.

But who can answer the question of how the

fundamental order to create our universe arises

out of the chaos where everything is possible?

There must be some idea or plan which the

universe had followed since the very beginning.

In this paper we want to introduce the Global

Scaling phenomenon, which can be characterized

as the most important factor or master plan for

every process in our universe in space and time.

We can say that reality consists of a genotype

and a phenotype, which belong together like

information (mind), and matter. The visible

and measurable material world in the three

dimensions of space and the fourth dimension

of time can be seen as the phenotype and is the

expression of the mind we find in the genotype,

which contains the information how to create

the world. When we know the physical and mathematical laws we find in the genotype, we

are able to recognize the expression in our every

day world.

In medicine we have, among others, the problem

of misunderstanding how chronic diseases

develop over a long period of a life time.

Today medicine is not able to help cure those

conditions. More knowledge about the amounts

of processing of information in our cells or in the

whole body needs new explanations on how our

body is functioning. How does our body master

all its energy and information? To solve all our

problems of health care and medicine we are

looking for new models to explain the world which

we are an undividable part of and stay in constant

energy and information exchange with.

in the eighties of the last century. He also

developed the Global Scaling Theory to describe

the phenomenon scientifically. At that time Dr.

Müller was working at several Soviet universities

and scientific institutes after he had studied

physics, mathematics and philosophy in St.

Petersburg, the former Leningrad in the Soviet

times. When he turned back from Russia to

Germany after 1990 he was not allowed to

talk about Global Scaling by Russian order. In

2001 he founded the Institute of Space Energy

Research (IREF), today the Global Scaling

Research Institute GmbH in memoriam Leonhard

Euler (GSRI) which is situated in Munich and

leaded by Dr. Müller (

de). An English version of a compendium on

Global Scaling can be downloaded there.

Global Scaling means the logarithmic scale-

invariance, fractal and hyperbolic structure of our

world. It explains the distribution of all matter in

the universe. What is the reason for the Global

Scaling phenomenon? Swinging, vibrating,

oscillating is the most effective way to move.

It needs least energy to keep moving. How do

systems swing most easily? The most effective,

the easiest way of swinging are the natural

oscillations of swinging systems. We should

imagine the universe as a system of coupled

oscillators. Lots of energy move through this

universe, get modified, never can be lost and are

always changed from one form of energy into

another. Everything is possible. But the natural

oscillations on the lowest energy level of matter

with the running of time become the ones to

create long lasting processes like structures in

space and time. We talk, for example, about

such structures in space and time like atoms,

molecules, crystals, cells, organisms, populations,

information amounts, civilizations, moons,

planets, stars and galaxies.

Our universe has dimensional borders: there is

the smallest dimension of quants like photons,

phonons or gravitons. The other dimension is at

the site of bigger structures then mega galaxies.

There exists mathematical work on this, but it

would lead too far to talk about this here. We

have to fix, that the universe has dimensional

borders in the logarithmic world, where waves are

reflected. Repeated reflections of waves lead to a

system of standing waves with a certain pattern

when it is swinging on the lowest energy level. We

find the basic standing waves in it and all the up

tunes, which are always created in nature when

a sound or an oscillation occurs. This system of

standing waves is a harmonic one, the same as

the harmony laws in music and in the cosmic

harmony of Kepler.

The spectrum of the standing wave system on

its lowest energy level is a logarithmic one.

It is fractal and hyperbolic. Scaling is a basic

property of fractal processes. The logarithm is the

natural logarithm, discovered by Leonhard Euler.

In the spectrum we find places with constant

changes, where matter, energy or information

get compressed or decompressed. The spectrum

is, in every dimension, self similar and it has

gaps, where there is nothing. To transfer such

a standing wave system into our visible world, it

must be calibrated with the natural oscillation of

the proton. Why? The natural oscillation of the

proton is the most stabile existing vibration in

the universe. It is always there, for eternity. We

can say so, because the life time of a proton is

at least 1032 years. The electron is the second

one, which is living for a very long time, but it

is 1836 times lighter than the proton, so – on

the lowest energy level – it is always moving; the

proton is leading it. Now it is possible to look,

how structures or patterns as the phenotype of

the universe, we find in our visible material world

in space and time, are related to the genotype

of our universe via the resonance to the natural

oscillations of the proton. This is the most

important thing in the understanding and the

practical usage of Global Scaling for our every day

life but also it is of fundamental importance for

creating new knowledge in the today’s scientific

world to prepare for today ..s and tomorrow ..s


In Global Scaling we learn about the intelligence

of nature how to use energy most effectively.

The intelligence is to be found in the natural

oscillations of the protons, every matter in the

world consists of, including our bodies.

The state of our health and wellbeing is

depending on the information patterns of our

body to use its energy most effectively. Evolution

has given us the present of our highly organized

body with huge possibilities to move, think and

act in the world that is amazing. The fundamental

information pattern – rule of order must be the

Global Scaling pattern, because it provides a long,

intelligent and easy way of life. Health care and

medicine research and treatment has to include

the knowledge of Global Scaling into life, because

we are learning about ourselves. We will find the

basics of our identity and will be ourselves in

harmonic interconnection with our inner and outer

near and far environment.

The biology of our body follows Global Scaling.

The graphic below shows, for example, the heart

rate. When we are resting, our heart beats 67

times a minute. We can see this rhythm in a

node. This means the heart needs least energy

for beating. If necessary, the heart can beat faster

or slower. Both possibilities need more energy,

but they are important for adapting to different

conditions of life. The possibility of adaptation is

well known as the heart rate variability (HRV).

Research is flowing at Dr. Müller’s institute and

some other companies, who produce health care

products to help people re-activate their self

healing capability, which is given by nature itself

through the intelligence of the natural oscillations

of matter itself. Among others the research work

of NES-Health is more and more based on the

knowledge of Global Scaling.

Probably in spring 2010 there will be a book

available about Global Scaling written by the

author of this small paper.

Source of graphics: Global Scaling Research Institute

GmbH in memoriam Leonhard Euler

The author:

Dr. med. univ./Hungary Rainer Viehweger

Certified NES-Practitioner and International


Global Scaling Space-Energy-Consultant

A-5622 Goldegg, Weng 26


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