Good Science

Good Science on the Alliance for Natural Health homepage

The use of good science by regulators is vital if we are not to see unnecessary restriction of natural health.

Download the ANH A5 leaflet with regards to good science


  • Under the guise of protecting public health, moves to limit access to health-promoting natural health products are being underpinned by poor science and flawed risk-assessments models.
  • Conventional risk assessment models, originally developed to assess the impact of toxic drugs and chemicals, are being inappropriately applied to nutrients and botanicals.
  • This is being done despite there being virtually no evidence that natural products are causing harm, and much historical, clinical and anecdotal evidence of their beneficial effects on health.
  • Selective use of research data works in the best interests of the major pharmaceutical companies, who currently cannot patent naturally- occurring nutrients and botanicals.
  • As well as facilitating the banning or limiting of ingredients used in natural health products,  faulty ‘risk assessment’ criteria are also being used to justify limiting maximum doses of nutrients and phytochemicals and restricting what can be said or written about products containing them.

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